Our new unique offer:

 The TBG One-day workshop

Get a tailor-made project plan for your biosimilar of your choice!

We offer to conduct a one-day workshop with senior experts from The Biosimilars Group and representatives from your organization. In this workshop we will create together your project plan from start of cell-line development up to conduct of the first clinical study. This is ideal, if you want to challenge your internal plans, need a basis for your NPV calculation or want to do a feasibility study.


You can define the regions, the risks and any other parameter.


Just 4 weeks after the workshop you have a Gantt chart of your project plan and a table with all activities and costs.


Just contact us and arrange a date for the workshop.

Discover the Highlights


  • Project plan (Gantt chart)  with all development activities starting with cell line development up to and including the first clinical study
  • Tabular overview of all development activities mentioned above including estimates of timelines and costs


  • The project plan will be created in an interactive one-day workshop for a biosimilar of your choice working with the card technique
  • TBG senior experts experienced in the following areas will participate:
    – cell line development/manufacturing
    – analytical development
    – non-clinical development
    – clinical development
    – regulatory affairs
  • You can bring your own experts to the workshop
  • Photos of the development plan designed at the workshop will be provided to you directly after the workshop
  • Based on the photo documentation the TBG will prepare the final deliverables for you


  • About 2-4 weeks advance notice for arranging and preparing the workshop (name of the planned biosimilar needed)
  • Directly after the workshop photos of the development plan will be provided to you
  • 4 weeks after the workshop the complete deliverables will be sent to you

Target market(s)

EU and/or US or global
according to your needs

Workshop location

Your choice


Fixed price
(no travel expenses,
if workshop in Germany)

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