CCDRD AG – a pioneer in clinical biosimilar development – strengthens The Biosimilars Group

The partnership will enable greater progress in the development of biosimilars

Berlin, Mannheim / Germany, June 02, 2016: The Biosimilars Group, the alliance of specialized partners each with its solid core competence in biotechnology, and CCDRD AG, a German based CRO, have today announced a partnership to bring more effort/progress in the development of biosimilars.

The collaboration will help to further strengthen the existing group, providing a greater pool of expert knowledge and expertise in order to advance the development of biosimilars.

“CCDRD is an ideal partner for The Biosimilars Group due to their long-standing experience in clinical development of biosimilars” explained Gundel Hager, General Manager of The Biosimilars Group. “They have a pioneering role in this field as they successfully supported the clinical development of biosimilar Erythropoetin, which resulted in one of the first marketing authorizations received for biosimilar drugs”. Rossen Koytchev, CEO of CCDRD AG added: “We are delighted to join The Biosimilars Group as this group of renowned experts in biosimilars development provides us with complimentary expertise in the area of analytics-driven biosimilars development, process development and manufacturing, non-clinical testing, as well as regulatory and pharmacovigilance.”

About CCDRD:
CCDRD stands for Cooperative Clinical Drug Research and Development AG, a CRO with its headquarters near Berlin, Germany. The company has more than 26 years of experience in clinical development with special expertise in pharmacokinetics and has know-how with Phase 2-4 clinical trials in all major medical indications. They operate their own Phase 1 units and clinical centers in Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, and Russia.

Most recently, CCDRD AG has completed clinical trials for two different recombinant human Insulins and for Parathyroid hormone. In addition, the company is participating in the clinical development of the biosimilars Trastuzumab, Rituximab, and Adalimumab as well as an innovative form of G-CSF. For more information, please visit the website of CCDRD:

About The Biosimilars Group:
The Biosimilars Group consists of renowned service providers with more than 12 years of experience in biosimilar development. In the past 5 years, they have successfully completed over 250 projects across all functions. Overall, there are more than 750 highly qualified professionals in this group. The partner companies are operating more than 25 sites on 4 continents.

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